Biblical Healing and Deliverance


Biblical Healing and Deliverance


Betsy and Chester Kylstra

Live free in the here and now!

Rejection, depression, guilt, fear, deception. These symptoms of spiritual bondage are everywhere you look. The good news is that this oppression can be replaced by the joy, peace and freedom God's healing brings.

With more than fourteen years of experience in healing and deliverance ministry, Chester and Betsy Kylstra have developed a unique approach that offers lasting results by integrating the four key areas usually treated as separate issues:

sins of the fathers and resulting curses
ungodly beliefs
soul/spirit hurts
demonic oppression

The Kylstras offer detailed biblical grounding, real-life examples and immense practicality to help guide ministers and ministry receivers alike. Biblical Healing and Deliverance will deliver to you the promise of God's lasting freedom.

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