Sounds of Healing

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Sounds of Healing


Julie True

Sounds of Healing is a spontaneous soaking worship experience that was recorded live at ‘The Warfare of the Heart’ conference on inner healing.  I’m excited to share this music with you and to introduce you to the beautiful sounds and musical skills added by Linda Bernstorf on violin and Tom Shinness on classical guitar, mandolin and cello.
We came together to soak in the presence of God and to be refreshed.  Without any agenda, we embarked on a spiritual and musical journey that encompassed many emotions from expressing our hearts to God – sometimes with words and sometimes without – prophetic declarations, listening to God’s heart for us, and feeling the joy and thankfulness that comes from knowing how good He is!
I pray that you will be able to receive from and interact with, the heart of your Father God as you experience “Sounds of Healing”.


Stepping into Life
Coming to Life
Joy is Bubbling Up
A New Day
Revelation is Coming
Embracing my Destiny
My Eyes are Fixed on You
Father’s Heart
Sounds of Healing
Listening for your voice
I Hear the Sound
Holding Nothing Back
Pure Peace
Free to Fly

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