The Family Blessing


The Family Blessing


For everyone who has not had a perfect family...

This is not a book about material riches. Rather it is about spiritual riches. This is a complete guide to understanding and restoring God's favour to your most important relationships.

Terry and Melissa have been taking the Power of Blessing to families around the world for many years. Their life-changing message has been time-tested in a variety of cultures and countries.

Now this message is available in one volume, written in plan language and brimming with stories that inspire and instruct. Within these pages you will discover the answer to crucial questions such as:

"What is a blessing and why is it so important?"

"What does the Bible say about it?"

"How can I discover the blessings I missed as a child, or young person?"

"How do I give a blessing to someone I love?"

Included are sample blessings for every age and stage of life - as well as instructions on how to do it for yourself. The book is divided into 3 sections that offer you something for your head, your heart and your hand.

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